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The TIO deals with complaints about telephone and internet services that consumers have been unable to resolve with their provider. We are a national service for personal and small business consumers in Australia.

The TIO was established in 1993 when the telecommunications industry was opened to competition. Since then, telco providers have been required to fund and become members of an Ombudsman service to resolve consumer complaints outside of courts and tribunals. There are no charges for consumers to use our service.

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Board Chair's message

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Following the first full year of operation of the unitary Board, I am pleased to report as the Independent Chair of Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Limited. The Board continues to implement new mechanisms to embed the unitary governance model, which is operating well.

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Ombudsman's message

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I am very pleased to present the TIO Annual Report for 2014-15 as Acting Ombudsman in a year of tremendous change. This year, the TIO handled 124,417 new complaints and 44,365 enquiries from Australian telco consumers, positioning our service once again as the busiest Ombudsman in the country.

Diane Carmody, Acting Ombudsman