About the TIO

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The TIO was established in 1993 when the telecommunications industry was opened to competition. Since then, telco providers have been required to fund and become members of an Ombudsman service to resolve consumer complaints outside of courts and tribunals. There are no charges for consumers to use our service. 

Vision and roles 

Our vision is to deliver an exceptional telecommunications dispute resolution service for consumers and service providers. We aim to contribute to better customer service and complaint handling in the telecommunications industry.

Our roles are: 

  • resolving disputes
  • improving telecommunications services
  • being an independent voice, and
  • leading by example.


  • Integrity: we are fair, impartial and ethical.
  • Collaboration: we work together, share insights and respect each other.
  • Excellence: we are innovative, quality-driven and responsive.


We are a not-for-profit organisation, and charge fees to telecommunications companies when one of their customers makes a complaint to us. Those fees cover the cost of our complaint handling and operations.