Goals and achievements in 2014-15

Resolving disputes  

We aim to resolve telecommunications disputes in an accessible, independent, fair, efficient, responsive and effective way. 

Our goals Achievements
  • improved timeliness
  • high consumer and service provider satisfaction
  • improved quality
  • 85% of contacts dealt with within one business day 
  • 77% of conciliations closed in 30 business days
  • 91% of consumers satisfied with TIO handling of referrals

Improving telecommunications services

We help providers to improve their services by engaging with them and identifying systemic issues. 

Our goals Achievements
  • timely analysis of complaint trends
  • effective response to systemic issues
  • high service provider satisfaction
  • 10.5% reduction in new complaints
  • developed online education modules for service providers
  • established a working group comprised of nbn and retail service providers to promote complaint resolution

Being an independent voice

We provide high-quality information that is useful to industry, the community and regulators. 

Our goals Achievements
  • increased consumer awareness of the TIO
  • effective stakeholder engagement
  • referral of non-compliance to regulator
  • publication of land access guidelines, revised position statements and award-winning annual report
  • publication of a suite of resources for Indigenous consumers
  • attended 64 outreach events
  • collaborated with Communications Alliance to publish quarterly Complaints in Context reports
  • referred 19 providers to regulator for non-compliance

Leading by example

We are innovative, adaptable, collaborative, responsive, resilient and forward-thinking. We value our people and support their skills development.

Our goals Achievements
  • strong staff engagement 
  • delivery of key business projects 
  • sound financial management
  • delivered five short courses of the Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution 
  • published plain English Terms of Reference 
  • reduced workforce and restructured teams in response to reduced complaint demand to improve financial position