The TIO is governed by a Board of Directors that is responsible for managing the business affairs and property of TIO Limited in accordance with the Company Constitution and the Terms of Reference.

Board composition

The Board is made up of: 
  • three independent Directors, one who is also the Independent Chair
  • four directors with consumer experience, and 
  • four directors with industry experience. 

The Board has adopted a charter that sets out its roles and responsibilities. 

TIO Board Directors 

A list of our Directors and their biographies can be found on our website.

Board committees 

The Board has established the following committees to help it perform its duties:  
  • Audit and Risk Committee: assists and advises the Board on the TIO's internal and external audit, risk and finance management frameworks.
  • Nominations Committee: identifies and recommends to the Board persons to fill vacant Board positions.
  • People Committee: has oversight of the remuneration of Directors and the Ombudsman, and the TIO's employment policies. 

Feedback about the TIO

The Board oversees our feedback mechanism, which allows consumers and service providers to make formal compliments or complaints about the service they receive. 

In 2014-15, we received 48 compliments about the courtesy, professionalism and timeliness of TIO officers.
We received 78 formal complaints about our service, of which 26 were found to be substantiated. Complaints provide valuable feedback to drive improvements in our service through focused training or individual coaching.