Faulty SIM while travelling overseas

Case study - faulty sim card

In 2009, Leo purchased a SIM card to use overseas. He used it on his mobile in Europe in 2010 and 2011. He occasionally used it in Australia after that to keep the service active.  

In 2014, Leo travelled to Europe again and was unable to call three of the four people he wanted to stay in touch with. He reported this to his provider but the problem was not fixed.  

When Leo came back to Australia, he contacted the TIO and asked for a refund of all his unused credit ($17), a refund of the initial activation ($40), and $250 in compensation for the time he spent trying to resolve the problem.  

His provider agreed to refund the unused credit but would not refund the initial activation fee or pay compensation. Leo was unhappy with this and came back to the TIO. 

We told Leo that the TIO could not require the provider to make further payments because we cannot consider claims of compensation for time taken dealing with a complaint. As Leo’s SIM card had worked well for more than five years, and worked with at least one person in 2014, we thought it was reasonable for him to pay the activation fee. We took no further action and closed the complaint. 

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