Landline and internet connection delay

woman looking at her mobile phone 

Robyn applied to her telco to install an NBN service (telephone and internet) after NBN infrastructure was rolled out in her town, east of Darwin.   

Robyn’s copper service was disconnected, but her new NBN service was not connected for eight weeks as technicians missed several appointments. Once it was connected, Robyn discovered that the landline did not work properly and she could not receive calls. Her husband, who was terminally ill, needed to make regular hospital appointments which were becoming difficult to arrange. Robyn relied on her mobile phone during this time, and she incurred some high bills.   

Robyn called the TIO after the provider missed several appointments to fix the fault. After our referral, the provider gave Robyn some credits to offset her high mobile bills but did not repair the fault. 

Three months later, as a result of our conciliation of Robyn’s complaint, the service provider fixed the fault on the service, credited her account to cover her mobile phone costs and paid her almost $2,000 in compensation as required by the Customer Service Guarantee Standard.

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