NBN migration and copper disconnection

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What consumers told us

As the national broadband network (NBN) rollout progressed in 2014-15, we handled a range of complaints from consumers about being disconnected from their copper landline and internet services. We raised these complaints against the relevant retail service providers, which appeared to be approaching customers in NBN-ready areas to advise them that:
  • their landline and internet services would not be available when the copper network was disconnected
  • they needed to enter into a fixed-term NBN contract to avoid early termination fees, and
  • in some cases, the NBN plan would be more expensive.

How we handled this issue

Most of these complaints were resolved after the TIO referred the issue to the relevant provider, which usually waived early termination fees. 

As part of an informal systemic investigation, we asked the providers for clarification on their migration policies and the information they gave customers. In response, the providers agreed that they should not charge early termination fees for services due to be disconnected as part of the NBN rollout.  

The providers confirmed that they would give their customers the option to transfer to an NBN plan or cancel their landline or internet services. The providers also committed to improving staff training, information and procedures.