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By law, telecommunications service providers must join and comply with the TIO Scheme. If a provider fails to do so, we can refer it to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Failure to become a TIO member

We referred 19 providers to the ACMA for not joining the TIO Scheme in 2014-15. At the time of publication of this report:

  • 14 providers became TIO members after we referred them to the ACMA
    one provider, Netfast Communications Pty Ltd (trading as Netpower Communications) has been directed to join the TIO, but has not done so, and
  • the ACMA decided to not take further action in relation to four companies, including, for example, one company that had ceased operation.

Non-compliance with TIO decisions or temporary rulings

Most providers work cooperatively with the TIO and few need to be referred to the regulator each year.

No providers were referred to the ACMA for not complying with Ombudsman decisions in 2014-15.

One of the providers that we referred to the ACMA in 2013-14, Planet ISP Pty Ltd, complied with the outstanding Ombudsman decision in May 2015.