Complaint outcomes

From 1 July 2014, we recorded outcomes for closed conciliated and investigated cases, and land access objections. Outcomes are not recorded at referral. 

Closed case categories

In 2014-15, we closed 12,083 conciliations and investigations in one of the following four categories: 

Category Number
Cases resolved 9,005
No further investigation (fair offer, consumer claims unsupported, provider ceased trading, etc.) 2,858
Cases discontinued or withdrawn by the consumer 207
TIO decisions 13

Financial and non-financial outcomes

The resolution in closed cases could include the following financial and non-financial outcomes:

debt/fee reduction or waiver
explanation or assistance
billing adjustment
cancellation or change to a contract
payment arrangement
repair of equipment, service or property damage
CSG payment
connection or reconnection
compensation for non-financial loss

correction of a record

In 4.6 per cent of closed cases (559 cases) no outcome was reported. More than one third of cases with recorded outcomes (36.6 per cent) had both a financial and non-financial outcome; 27.9 per cent of cases with recorded outcomes had only a financial outcome and 30.8 per cent had only a non-financial outcome.

Venn diagram showing closed cases

The most common financial outcome in 2014-15 was a debt or fee reduction or waiver, followed by a billing adjustment.

The median value in financial outcomes was $300.

The most common non-financial outcome was an explanation or assistance, followed by cancellation or change to a contract, service or plan.