Ombudsman decisions

Ombudsman on phone 

Most of our complaints are resolved quickly with the TIO facilitating a resolution between service providers and consumers. The Ombudsman has the power to make binding decisions in cases that cannot be resolved by conciliation or investigation.

Land access objections

The Ombudsman has the power under the Telecommunications Act 1997 to make decisions about objections to carriers accessing land to install and maintain low-impact facilities (land access objections). 

The Ombudsman finalised 12 land access objections in 2014-15, compared to 14 the previous year. 

Of the objections finalised this year, the Ombudsman determined that: 

  • one proposal to install equipment could not go ahead, because the notice was invalid 
  • in four cases, the activity should proceed subject to directions, and
  • seven proposals could proceed in accordance with the land access notice. 

Three notices for which objections had been referred were withdrawn by carriers.


The Ombudsman can determine the outcome of a complaint and make temporary rulings (formerly known as "interim directions") to stop a provider from trying to collect a disputed debt while we consider a complaint. No determinations or temporary rulings were issued in 2014-15.